Reduce Car Repair Costs with New or Used Car Extended Warranties


Car repairs can be expensive but, fortunately, most newer models come with warranties which last a certain number of years or kilometres. However, when these warranties expire, you will be solely responsible for everything that goes wrong with your vehicle. Fortunately, you can purchase extended warranty policies or even warranties for used cars that will help cover most repair costs.

New Extended Warranty Policies

A car five years old or older has a greater chance of experiencing mechanical issues than newer models. In addition, it’s at about this time, the five-year mark, when most new car warranties expire, leaving you uncovered if your car does experience a major mechanical failure. Fortunately, there are many companies such as Warranty and Insurance offering extended warranties on most late-model vehicles.

A manufacturer’s warranty can be extended from three to four years depending on the warranty chosen for your vehicle. There are policies to fit most budgets and they can be customised to fit your needs. Along with covering most of the major systems and parts of your car in case they fail, you can also choose options for an extended warranty such as towing, car hire, hotel accommodations, and locksmith services.

Policies are available on vehicles made by major manufacturers, such as a Mitsubishi new extended car warranty, as well as warranties for Toyota, Honda, Jeep, Audi, and many other manufacturers.

Used Car Extended Warranties

Along with extending new car warranties, you can also purchase a used car extended warranty for a car that you may already own or are thinking of buying. Some late-model used cars may have some of the original warranty still available or they will have a warranty offered by the dealership for 90 days or more. Buying a used car warranty allows you to extend the warranty so that any repairs will be covered once its original warranty expires.

Used car warranties will cover the costs of repairs and replacement parts, some at 100% of the cost. It also covers some of the costs for extra services, such as a rental car at up to $70 per day for as long as five days. It also covers the cost up to $150 for having your vehicle towed to a service provider or safe location.

A used car warranty also provides up to $100 for locksmith services if you’ve locked the keys in the car or broken off a key. It also has an allowance of up to $100 per day for up to five days if your car breaks down in another city and you need accommodations while it is repaired. Used vehicles are more susceptible to breaking down so you can save thousands of dollars by purchasing a new or used extended car warranty. is one of the leading used car dealers that offer an impressive, safe and compact range of used cars at competitive prices to customers.

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